AP 1 (Nov 26 – Dec 15, 2016)

  • Dec112016

    Great effort

    AP 1 Nov 26 – Dic 15 Rolo just called from High Camp. This morning the team tried to reach…

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  • Dec102016

    Almost there!

    AP 1 Nov 26 – Dic 15 The group made it safely to to High Camp (19,700ft) today. They are…

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  • Dec092016

    Lots of snow

    AP 8 Feb 6 – Feb 25 The team is still in camp II. They plan to go to High…

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  • Dec082016

    Still in Camp II

    The group spent the day resting at Camp II. Everybody is fine, the whole team is really motivated They are…

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  • Dec072016

    Carry to High Camp

    AP 1 Nov 26 – Dic 15 The team carried loads to High Camp (19,200 ft.) today. They are at…

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  • Dec062016

    They arrived at camp II!

    AP 1 Nov 26 – Dic 15 The group reached Camp II (17,700 ft) today. They are working hard and…

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  • Dec052016

    Camp I

    AP 1 Nov 26 – Dic 15 The team moved to camp I (16,000 ft) yesterday. Rolo called to say…

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  • Dec032016

    Preparing to move to Camp I

    AP 1 Nov 26 – Dic 15 After moving loads to Camp I (16,000 ft) yesterday the team rested in…

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  • Dec012016

    Resting at base camp

    The team arrived yesterday to Plaza Argentina (14200 ft). Today they are going to rest and enjoy the comforts of…

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  • Nov282016

    Starting the approach

    AP 1 Nov 26 – Dic 15 Today the team began the 3-days hike through Puntas de Vacas to reach…

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