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Company History

A letter from our Founder & Director

Dear fellow climbers,

Aventuras Patagonicas is the culmination of many years of Mountain Guiding experience in the Andes, the Alps, Antarctica, and Alaska and the desire to provide a mountain guiding service with superb standards in a competitive field. We bring genuine experience to Aconcagua, unequaled by any other guiding company in the world.

Our company is very proud to have guided in spectacular places such as Alaska, Antarctica, Europe, Patagonia, South America, Africa, Indonesia and all over the world. We have guided over 400 Aconcagua Expeditions in the last 40 years, and hundreds of expeditions worldwide. We have an impeccable safety record and a very high success rate. The guides working for Aventuras Patagonicas are very carefully chosen for their dedication to the guiding profession and have extensive international guiding experience. Our lead guides are predominantly North American and Certified Mountain Guides. We also employ experienced North American guides and sometimes exceptionally well trained local guides, as assistants on our expeditions.

Aventuras Patagonicas is a small and dynamic guiding company. A combination of very high guiding standards, unique regional knowledge, and special attention to small details, prepare us to offer you a remarkable and safe experience. With Aventuras Patagonicas you will have one of the best possible chances of summiting Aconcagua, combined with one of the most genuine experiences of the region available. We wish to remain small in order to provide you with the absolute highest quality and most personalized mountain guiding service available on Aconcagua.

As Chief Guide and founder of Aventuras Patagonicas, I have personally guided 28 Aconcagua expeditions, summiting on 24 of these expeditions, and getting most, if not all, of my clients to the summit on each of these expeditions. I have also guided 22 Denali expeditions, summiting on 19 of those expeditions, again getting most of my clients to the summit. All together I have guided over 88 high altitude climbing expeditions all over the world. The main reasons behind our high success rate are careful logistics, consistent acclimatization methods, extensive experience on the mountain, excellent leadership, and timing with the weather. We also attribute our success to our terrific clientele; people that have taken the expedition seriously from the moment they sign up, preparing physically and mentally, before and during the trip, having a positive attitude, proper fitness, and plenty of determination.

I have been guiding Aconcagua Expeditions since 1984 when few guided on Aconcagua, and there was only one other American guiding company. I truly feel that Aventuras Patagonicas is uniquely qualified to offer Aconcagua Expeditions. Growing up 150 miles from this Andean giant, I spent my youth and early mountaineering career climbing throughout the Andes, exposed to high altitude guiding before I was 20 years old.

Then I traveled to Europe to explore my career as a mountain guide in the French Alps, studying guiding as a profession. In the mid 80’s through the 90’s I dedicated myself to guiding on Denali, living in Alaska, and returning to the Andes to guide in winter. At present I am dedicated to our busy South American climbing season in the Southern Hemisphere summer and guiding in the Alps, the Tetons and worldwide in the Northern Hemisphere the summer climbing season.

We have the most Aconcagua experience out there and I invite you to read our client reviews and contact any of our references to hear what past clients have to say first-hand. Feel free to also contact the American Mountain Guides Association, one of the finest organization in the world dedicated to high standards in Mountain Guiding, and an excellent source of information. Ask them about companies that specialize in guiding on Aconcagua, and the Andes, and who they would recommend. We are confident that Aventuras Patagonicas will be high, if not at the very top, of their list. We encourage you to do plenty of research and to make the selection of your guiding company with the utmost care. The success and quality of your Aconcagua expedition experience depends upon this choice. Please reach out to me personally ( if you have any questions that I can help answer.


Rodrigo Mujica
AP Founder & Director

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