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December , January and February are the best month to climb Aconcagua. All month can have storms and high winds. It is impossible to say before hand which of the three will be better Often early December trips can be a bit colder, but again not necessarily better then January or February.

Aconcagua is a big mountain period. If you have climb Kilimanjaro before and you did well on it Aconcagua can be your next step. Fairly fit people that never climb a mountain before can successfully climb Aconcagua as well. It is ideal to have some precious experience

You can also get some ideas from our TRAINING INFO

Crampons and ice axe experience is not needed, although this equipment is required you do not need previous experience.

We use a 3;1 ratio, normally 9 clients and 3 guides. Besides that we have staff at base camp like cooks, chefs, cowboys on approach and porters available up high.

Also we often use support from other Aventuras Patagonicas team in case someone needs to descend

Train, train & train and also please review our ACONCAGUA TRAINING page. Also the right mental attitude is key to success.

You will be sharing a tent and double room on this expedition. You can pay a USD$650 fee for single supplement. This give you single lodging at the Mendoza park Hyatt, in penitents and single tent to base camp and at base camp. Above base camp everyone will need to share a tent

  • On approach about 12 pounds/ 6 kilos,
  • Above Base Camp, about 40 lbs or 20 kilos. If you decide to use a porter it will be a lot less and under 20 lbs/10 kilos


Yes we do rest several items like Sleeping Bags, Expedition Down Coats, Crampons, Ice Axe, etc

We boil water up high and also on approach and at base camp we purified using iodine or we use filters

Food during the approach and at base camp is quite gourmet, with a barbecue on approach, fresh salads at base camp, meat, pizza, eggs, pancakes, etc. We have a Chef at base Camp!

Up high from base camp up food becomes more Spartan (mountain food)

Cereals, Granola, oat meal, for breakfast

Snack food for Lunch (more like the entire work day) , Nuts, candy bars, enregy bars, cheese, salami, bread, crackers, dry fruit, etc

Dinners up high are prepared by the Guides, each guide has a different style but they try to be quite creative with ingredients and flavors some simple dishes like Pasta , Rice, Quinoa, Couscous or Polenta can be done tastefully with a touch of fresh paremessan, mushroom sauce, pesto sauce or curry rice with chicken or Tai food as well.

Vegetarian and vegan as well as any other specific diets we can accommodate

All Expedition food will be provided by Aventuras Patagonicas. You are welcome to bring some energy bars or mix drinks as an option.

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