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Great effort

AP 1 Nov 26 – Dic 15

Rolo just called from High Camp. This morning the team tried to reach the summit but the conditions and the weather did not allow them to achieve it.

They were the first group to attempt the summit this season, they had to mark the path. This work became very difficult with the intense winds and did not allow the climbers to continue climbing. It is better to be cautious, as always the safety of our members is our main concern

Now the team will complete the Aconcagua traverse, by descending to base camp Plaza de Mulas today. They will be back at the trailhead tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Surely this is an experience they will treasure the rest of their life.

Congratulation to the them for their monumental effort, they were higher than most people in the world!

We attach a picture from a previous trip.

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