A.P. 4 (Dec. 28 – Jan. 8)

  • Jan042020
    Aconcagua's summit ridge

    12-day expedition: Summit!

    A.P. 4 (Dec. 28 – Jan. 8) 12-day Aconcagua expedition (Speed Ascent) Our Team 4 summits today! They summited in…

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  • Jan032020

    12-day expedition: Rest day

    A.P. 4 (Dec. 28 – Jan. 8) The team is taking a rest day at Nido de Cóndores Camp today.…

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  • Jan022020

    12-day expedition: New update

    A.P. 4 (Dec. 28 – Jan. 8) The team left Base Camp yesterday and successfully moved to Canada Camp. We…

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  • Dec312019

    They got to Base Camp

    A.P. 4 (Dec. 28 – Jan. 8) This 12-day expedition already reached Plaza de Mulas Base Camp yesterday. The team…

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  • Dec292019

    A new 12-day expedition ready for the adventure!

    A.P. 4 (Dec. 28 – Jan. 8) We welcomed this motivated team to the city and had a group meeting…

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