Aconcaguas summit ridge

12-day expedition: Summit!

A.P. 4 (Dec. 28 – Jan. 8)

12-day Aconcagua expedition (Speed Ascent)

Our Team 4 summits today! They summited in only 7 days!

Congratulations to all of them! We are proud to announce 100% expedition success this season with 4 teams to the top!

Summit was pushed forward, since high winds were moving in the next few days. They got 6 clients to the top! A great team effort.

They will be descending to Base Camp tomorrow and back in Mendoza the day after tomorrow for a well-deserved celebration. Meantime, our Team 5 is on the mountain getting ready to move to Camp 1 and Team 6 departs tomorrow. More news about them coming soon!

The Aventuras Patagonicas Team