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A new 12-day expedition ready for the adventure!

A.P. 4 (Dec. 28 – Jan. 8)

We welcomed this motivated team to the city and had a group meeting yesterday. After the guides explained the details of the expedition, they shared a delicious dinner together.

Today they went to the trailhead at Horcones and started the approach hike to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp. The group is ascending the Normal Route and they will sleep at Confluencia Camp tonight.

They came here pre-acclimatized, using an Altitude Training System with a hypoxic tent, so they are ready for this trip that will only last 12 days.

The team is led by the guide Cristian Esparza, who is assisted by Agustín Karriere and Mauricio Gómez.

Looking forward to a great expedition!

The Aventuras Patagonicas Team

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