Aconcaguas summit ridge

All 2017-18 Aconcagua Expeditions have reached the Summit so far!

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ACONCAGUA HIGH CAMP100% Success so far for Season 2017-2018



Congratulations to all our Clients and Guides for making this possible.

All 7 of our Aconcagua Expeditions have gotten to the top this season via our Ameghino and Upper Guanacos Traverse the best non technical route up the mountain, making it possible among the best high altitude treks on earth.

Also all our 12 – day trips have reached the top!

We still have 2 more trips left, one is at Camp 2 and the last one departs in about one week.

This is an amazing achievement, we still have the highest Success Rate and the highest safety record as well.

You can also follow each expedition here on our Dispatches page HERE.

Available DATES 2018-2019:

Dec 1 – Dec 20 2018
Dec 8 – 27 2018
Dec 17 – Jan 5 2019
Dec 22 – Jan 10 2019
Dec 27 – Jan 15 2019
Jan 5 – Jan 24 2019
Jan 12 – 31 2019
Jan 19 – Feb 7 2019
Jan 26 – Feb 14 2019
Feb 2 – 21 2019
Feb 9 – 28, 2019
Feb 16 – March 7 2019

Hypoxic TentClimb the tallest peak in the Americas in 12 days

  • Aventuras Patagonicas is offering now for the 5th Successful season our 12 day Aconcagua trips.
  • If you want to cut the time required to climb Aconcagua in half and do the whole expedition
  • in just 12 days, we can do that! Simply rent a hypoxic tent (pictured above; we help arrange its transport to your home if you live in the U.S. or Canada) and Hike directly to base camp. The Hypoxico system costs about $175 per week and you can put eight weeks’ rent toward the purchase of your own chamber if you decide you want to own it. The cost for a 12-day trip is $3,900 (no early bird discounts on 12 day trips)
  • We are also offering our outstanding standard expedition on Aconcagua, with the total trip scheduled to take 20 days. The best three weeks of your life! Aconcagua is a unique mountain, that almost anyone who is fit enough can climb it. This includes you. Wondering if the mountain is within your ability? Email us at or call us at 888.202.8506

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Hiking to CAMP 3 - 18,000 feetA little touch of ourselves below

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