All Trips to the top! 100% success rate

15 expeditions 15 summits

100% Success Rate Aconcagua Season 2011-2012

Congratulations to all our Clients and Guides for making this possible.

All our trips got to the top this past season via our Ameghino and Upper Guanacos Traverse with porters Route, the best non technical route up the mountain, making it possible among the best high altitude treks on earth.

This is an amazing achievement that can not be claimed by anyone, we still have the highest Success Rate of anyone on the mountain and the highest safety record as well..never a casualty in 29 years of operation with 1000s of 1000s of clients!

We have honored all groups of the season in our home page. You can also follow each expedition here on our Dispatches page.

Email us or call us if any questions

We look forward to sharing a wonderful mountain experience with you!

Rodrigo Mujica
AP Director