A.P. 8 (Jan. 20 – Jan. 31)

  • Jan292018

    Great news! This season all of our expeditions have reached the top of America so far!

    A.P. 8 Jan. 20 – 31 This 12-day expedition got today to the summit at 22,834′! Another one that successfully…

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  • Jan282018

    At High Camp, getting ready for tomorrow!

    A.P. 8 Jan. 20 – 31 Carlos, the lead guide, called us and said the team left Camp 2 today…

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  • Jan272018

    They are at Camp 2!

    A.P. 8 Jan. 20 – 31 The team has already moved to Nido de Cóndores Camp, where they will spend…

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  • Jan262018

    At Canada Camp

    A.P. 8 Jan. 20 – 31 The team has successfully moved to Canada Camp at 16,170′. They will soon be…

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  • Jan242018

    The team is at Base Camp

    A.P. 8 Jan. 20 – 31 After leaving Confluencia Camp, the group continued hiking along the Horcones Valley and arrived…

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  • Jan212018

    12-day expedition to the top of America

    A.P. 8 Jan. 20 – 31 The group had a meeting yesterday and after going through all the details of…

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