12-day expedition to the top of America

12-day expedition to the top of America
21 January, 2018 Mariela Enrique

A.P. 8 Jan. 20 – 31

The group had a meeting yesterday and after going through all the details of the trip, they had dinner together.

Today they left the city early in the morning, heading to the trailhead at Horcones.

This team of four climbers and their experienced guide Carlos Liendo are ascending the Normal Route, spending their first night at Confluencia Camp.

They used an Altitude Training System with a hypoxic tent several weeks before, so they have already pre-acclimatized and are ready for this expedition that will only last 12 days.

The guide will contact us with a satellite phone. We will follow their steps as they move uphill.

Keep checking our website, as we will be sharing more updates soon!

The Aventuras Patagonicas Team