2015 – 2016 Season Dispatches

  • Feb052016

    Almost there!

    The team reach High Camp 19,200 ft today. They are at almost 6000 m! If the weather allows them tomorrow…

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  • Feb032016

    17,700 ft. – Camp II

    The team made it safely to Camp II. The group is highly motivated They are working hard and trying to…

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  • Feb012016

    Carry to Camp I

    The team carried the loads to Camp I (15,750 ft.) yesterday. Mili said that everyone did well and are fine.…

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  • Jan302016

    Plaza Argentina

    After hiking the Vacas Valley and the Relinchos Valley, the 6 climbers and 2 guides arrived today to Plaza Argentina…

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  • Jan262016

    Delayed by a big storm

    It was supposed that this group would be in Penitentes on Sunday but nature intervened . On Saturday there was…

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  • Jan262016

    Back in Mendoza

    After reaching the Base Camp, Plaza de Mulas, on saturday the group went down to Penitentes on Sunday and yesterday…

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  • Jan222016


    Rolo just called from the summit! The team is now enjoying the view from the highest point in America (22,834…

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  • Jan192016

    Carry to Camp II

    The team is carrying loads to Camp II (17,500 ft.) today. After that they will spend one more night at…

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  • Jan142016

    Resting at base camp

    After a 3 day hike, the team arrived to Plaza Argentina (base camp 13,900 ft) today. All of them are…

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  • Jan132016

    Awaited summit!

    After waiting a few days the team finally reached the summit today! They stood at 22,834 ft looking to the…

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