AP 5 (Jan 4 – 13 2016)

  • Jan132016

    Awaited summit!

    After waiting a few days the team finally reached the summit today! They stood at 22,834 ft looking to the…

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  • Jan112016

    Hard weather

    The group was hit by strong winds in camp I (16,000ft). Everybody is finne but part of the group decided…

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  • Jan082016

    Camp I!

    The group is resting in Camp I. They are in good shape and adapting to the high altitude. Although the…

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  • Jan062016

    Getting ready for Altitude

    Our guide Mili called from base camp. Everyone is fine and preparing for carry the loads to camp 1 (16,000ft)…

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  • Jan052016

    Ten days climb

    Eigth climbers and three guides are in the base camp now. This group will climb the highest mountain in America…

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