Jan 5 2016

Ten days climb

Eigth climbers and three guides are in the base camp now. This group will climb the highest mountain in America in 10 days

They came to the mountain already pre – acclimatized, using an Altitude Training System – Hypoxic tent where they acclimatized before. Regular Aconcagua trips are 20 days long. but this expedition will last only 10 days. The team will have the same chance to successfully get a shot at the summit of Aconcagua because of previous acclimatization.

That’s why this expedition starts with a helicopter flight from the trailhead to Base Camp, shaving 3 days off the approach to Base Camp. The climbers left Mendoza early this morning and now they are resting at base camp preparing to begin this challenge.

We attach some pictures taken this morning before the team fly to the base camp.

We will keep you informed!


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