AP 3 (Dec 16 2015 – Jan 4 2016)

  • Dec282015


    The guide Rolo called to say that the team has reached the summit (22,834 ft) today, the highest point in…

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  • Dec272015

    Hoping for the Summit

    Today the team reach the High Camp, at almost 6.000 m! They are doing a great job and looking forward…

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  • Dec262015

    Camp II

    The group reached Camp II (17,700 ft) today. They are working hard and trying to gain altitude while keeping the…

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  • Dec252015

    Merry Christmas!

    The team successfully carry the load to camp 1(16,000 ft) yesterday and today they are going to move to that…

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  • Dec232015

    Getting ready to keep going up

    The team is still resting at base camp and preparing to start the carrying-acclimatization process where they will be carrying…

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  • Dec222015

    Base Camp

    After hiking the Vacas Valley and the Relinchos Valley, then team arrived today to Plaza Argentina (14200 ft). Everyone is…

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  • Dec172015

    Starting an adventure

    After a tasty steak dinner and Mendocinian Malbec last night, our third group of this season is in the lodge…

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