AP 2 (Nov 28 – Dec 17, 2015)

ap3 high camp

Enyoing High Camp

After a great effort the team arrived to High Camp, this means that they have passed the 6.000m line. Because the forecast calls for high winds tomorrow, they are going to stay there resting and try to reach the summit on Sunday. Everyone is comfortable and happy, enyoing the scenery. We will keep you informed

moving to c 2

Load in camp 2

The team has successfully carry the load to camp 2. They will stay another day resting in camp 1 and then they will be ready to go higher. The whole group is really motivated, plus there is good weather accompany the coming days. We will post more news when they call us again. Aventuras Patagonicas

camp II 1

Camp 1

Both teams arrive today at camp 1. Everybody is fine and doing a great job! They will spend the day resting and preparing the loads to carry tomorrow to camp 2. The weather for the next days is favorable so they hope to continue going up without problems. We will keep you posted.