AP 2 (Nov 28 – Dec 17, 2015)

  • Dec132015

    Amazing experience!

    The wind forced the team to abort the expedition, it is better to be cautious, as always the safety of…

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  • Dec112015

    Enyoing High Camp

    After a great effort the team arrived to High Camp, this means that they have passed the 6.000m line. Because…

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  • Dec072015

    Load in camp 2

    The team has successfully carry the load to camp 2. They will stay another day resting in camp 1 and…

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  • Dec062015

    Camp 1

    Both teams arrive today at camp 1. Everybody is fine and doing a great job! They will spend the day…

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  • Dec022015

    Base Camp for group 2 as well!

    Lead Guide, Emiliano Poletti and crew, reached Base Camp at 13,800 ft today. There are very few people at BC…

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  • Nov302015

    Great Conditions!

    GREAT CONDITIONS! A great season ahead in great conditions due to the generous winter we had this passed winter in…

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