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A great and tremendous effort!

A.P. 1 (Dec. 1 – 20, 2018)

Kudos to the team! After a gigantic effort of 18 days the team reached 6,400 meters (21,000′).

They departed early this morning from High Camp, encountering brutally cold conditions up there.

The team did not reach the summit this time.

Weather was fierce at the beginning of the trip, forcing the group to stay up to 7 nights at Base Camp.

These conditions were unusual than normally and we have the highest respect for all the clients on the team. What they experienced is actually significantly harder than most trips.

Our guides did also, as usual, a superb job keeping everyone safe and highly motivated.

Congratulations to all of them.

We look forward to having them soon in Mendoza celebrating!

The Aventuras Patagonicas Team

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