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Wesley Bunch

Guide for 20 years. Rock climbs throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Greece, including big walls in Yosemite and Zion.

Over 400 ascents of The Grand Teton, Teton Range, WY. Major ski traverses of many ranges within the US. Numerous ski traverses of remote areas in the Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Steep ski descents in the US, Canada, France and Chile.

Early ski descent Führer Finger Mt. Rainier. Guided ski expedition of Cho Oyu, Tibetan Himalaya, with ski descent from 7400 meters. Guided ski descents of Chilean Volcanos.

Expedition to Broad Peak, Karakoram Range Pakistan. First ascent Bunch-Stewart Variation Mt. Hunter, Alaska Range. Guided expedition to Mt. Foraker, Alaska Range. First Ascent NE Face Mt. Ratz Stikine Icecap. Expedition to Mt. Jambeyang, Rissumggomba Range, China. Expedition Cerro Juncal, Central Andes Chile. Exploratory expedition to Rio Murta Towers, Northern Icecap Chilean Patagonia. 15 ascents of Denali, Alaska Range. 24 ascents Aconcagua, Central Andes, Argentina.

One of our most solid high altitude Mountain Guides, amazing energy that it is contagious to his clients, a dedication hard to find in this profession makes Wes and outstanding Guide and mountaineer.