Rolo Abaca

Rolo Abaca

Born in Mendoza, He is a Professional Mountain Guide, Certified by the Argentinean Guides Association.

Everyone knows Rolo in the Mountain, from Rangers to Guides, Cowboys and staff everyone greets Rolo with a big smile on Aconcagua, he is the man!

He is also a Ski instructor. He works on Aconcagua since 1997, summiting Aconcagua over 30 times times by different routes.

He has been involved in many successful rescues for the Aconcagua Park as member of the rescue team as well. Has guided and climbed extensively in Northern Chile,Bolivia & Alaska. He is passionate about the Central Andes, where he has climbed for years 100s of 5,000 and 6,000 meter peaks.

Rolo is a hard working guide, patient with his clients, professional, and a great asset. Rolo has been with Aventuras Patagonicas for 12 years.