jacob Schmitz

Jacob Schmitz

Jacob Schmitz started climbing 20 years ago, living in Yosemite for 7 years where he mastered the big walls. With the more than ten years Jacob has worked as a guide he has lead over 70 expeditions, with 45 on peaks over 6,000 meters. Some of his more notable guided trips include Cho Oyu, Spantik in Pakistan, Bogda feng in China, more than 25 expeditions to Aconcagua, 14 to Denali, 8 to Kilimanjaro, 2 Vinson Massif in Antarctica, and multiple trips to Bolivia and Ecuador. His passion and dedication to his group to have an enjoyable expedition shows on every trip he’s leads. When not out on an expedition he lives in Bend, Oregon. We are very happy to have Jacob as one of Aventuras Patagonicas main Guides on Aconcagua.