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ojos del salado summit

Ojos Del Salado – Climb The World’s Highest Volcano

Embark on a captivating 15-day expedition with Aventuras Patagonicas to conquer Ojos Del Salado, the world’s highest active volcano. Standing proudly at 6,893 meters (22,615 feet), this extraordinary peak offers climbers a blend of surreal landscapes and rigorous challenges. Its unique geological features and the altitude make it an appealing goal for mountaineers aiming to test their limits against some of the most stunning backdrops in the Andes.

Why Climb Ojos Del Salado?

Ojos Del Salado is not merely a mountain; it’s a beacon for adventurers seeking the thrill of high-altitude volcanology. It combines arid desert expanses, rocky ascents, and icy summits, culminating near a crater lake at the summit—the highest of its kind in the world. This climb is as much about embracing the harsh, raw beauty of nature as it is about personal endurance.

Detailed Itinerary with Aventuras Patagonicas

Day 1-3: Arrival and Acclimatization

The journey starts in Copiapó, Chile, where you’ll meet your guides and fellow climbers for an initial briefing and equipment check. On Day 2, we head to Laguna Santa Rosa (3,780 meters) for the first acclimatization stop, where you can enjoy the serene beauty and wildlife, including flamingos.

Day 4-5: Acclimatization Continues

Travel to Laguna Verde (4,300 meters), another spectacular high-altitude lake. Here, you’ll engage in light treks and further acclimatization to prepare for higher climbs.

Day 6-9: More Acclimatization and Initial Ascents

The team ascends to higher camps, first stopping at Atacama Refuge to climb Cerro Vicuñas (6,050 meters) and then moving to Tejos Refuge (5,800 meters). These climbs are crucial for adjusting to the altitude and testing your body’s response to the thin air.

Day 10-12: Summit Push

After a day of rest, the summit bid begins. You’ll start the climb early in the morning, tackling the steep, icy slopes that demand technical skills and physical stamina. The ascent is challenging, navigating through penitentes and potentially requiring the use of fixed ropes in the final stages.

Day 13-15: Descent and Return

Following the summit, the team descends to the base, returning to Laguna Verde and subsequently to Copiapó. The final night includes a celebratory dinner, where tales of the climb are shared and friendships cemented.

Safety, Sustainability, and Expert Guidance

Safety is paramount on every expedition. Aventuras Patagonicas equips each climb with expert guides trained in high-altitude tactics and emergency response. Our teams carry satellite phones and GPS for safety communications and adhere strictly to established routes and safety protocols.

Sustainability is integral to our operations. We follow Leave No Trace principles diligently, ensuring our climbs are environmentally responsible, preserving the pristine conditions of these remote areas.

Why Choose Aventuras Patagonicas?

Opting for Aventuras Patagonicas means choosing a mountaineering company that prioritizes your safety, experience, and the integrity of the natural environment. We tailor our expeditions to suit the abilities and aspirations of our climbers, ensuring a fulfilling and successful climbing experience.

Join us for this unparalleled adventure to the summit of Ojos Del Salado. Challenge yourself against the elements, experience the magnificence of the Andes, and achieve one of the most coveted summits in the mountaineering world. With Aventuras Patagonicas, your journey to the top of the highest volcano on Earth will be nothing short of extraordinary. Interest but have some questions for us? Contact Us!


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