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Climbers on Aconcagua following their route through the penitentes

Choosing Your Route To Climb Aconcagua

Aconcagua is the highest peak in South America, and climbing it is a monumental experience. At Aventuras Patagonicas, we understand that choosing the right route is critical to aligning your climbing goals with the challenges of the mountain. Here, we’ll guide you through the routes offered by our company and help you decide which path best suits your ambitions and skill level.

The Ameghino Valley Route: Experience Aconcagua’s Wilderness

The Ameghino Valley Route, less traveled than the main routes, offers a quieter yet equally challenging path up Aconcagua. It starts similarly to the Normal Route up to Plaza de Mulas and then diverges into the picturesque Ameghino Valley, leading to a more solitary climbing experience with breathtaking scenic views.

Key features include:

  • Camps: Set along the Ameghino Valley, leading to the upper camps where it merges with the Normal Route.
  • Scenery: Offers exceptional vistas of Aconcagua’s less-visited sides and surrounding peaks.
  • Solitude: Provides a more personal and introspective climbing experience due to less foot traffic.

The Normal Route: A Classic Path to the summit of Aconcagua

The Normal Route is the most popular path to Aconcagua’s summit, renowned for its more straightforward approach and fewer technical demands. This route is ideal for climbers who may not have extensive high-altitude mountaineering experience but possess strong physical conditioning and a desire to stand at the top of the Americas. Starting from the Plaza de Mulas base camp, the ascent follows the northwest ridge, offering a gradual acclimatization profile and the least technical challenge.

For those with limited time, Aventuras Patagonicas offers a special 12-Day Climb on the Normal Route, designed for climbers who wish to reach the summit more quickly without compromising safety. We recommend the use of a Hypoxic Tent prior to a 12 Day Climb. We also provide a 12-Day Climb with supplemental oxygen option, catering to climbers who prefer an additional layer of safety and comfort to enhance their high-altitude experience.

Key features include:

  • Camps: Nido de Condores and Berlin or Colera Camp.
  • Acclimatization: Built-in rest days and shorter treks to adjust to altitude.
  • Summit Day: Typically the longest and most physically demanding part of the climb but non-technical.
  • 12-Day Options: Expedited climb for those with time constraints, with or without supplemental oxygen.

The Polish Glacier Route: The Complete Aconcagua Mountain Experience

For climbers seeking a comprehensive and challenging adventure, the Polish Glacier Direct Route with Traverse offers a full circumnavigation of Aconcagua, involving a unique approach through the Ameghino Valley. This route combines the scenic ascent through less traveled paths with a technical climb up the Polish Glacier, culminating in a descent on the opposite side of the mountain.

Key features include:

  • Approach: Starts in the Ameghino Valley, providing stunning views and a gradual acclimatization with fewer crowds.
  • Technical Climb: Involves ascending the demanding Polish Glacier, requiring proficiency in ice climbing and the use of technical gear such as ice axes and crampons.
  • Descent: Completes the traverse of the mountain, descending through the Normal Route, allowing climbers to experience both sides of Aconcagua.
  • Experience: Best suited for those with previous high-altitude mountaineering experience and a strong desire for a technically engaging climb.

Choosing the Right Aconcagua Route For You

Choosing the right route with Aventuras Patagonicas involves considering your experience, fitness level, and aspirations. We are committed to making your Aconcagua journey successful and memorable by providing thorough pre-trip information, detailed itineraries, and extensive support. Every route we offer has the option of hiring porters, so you can save your strength to reach the summit!

Embark on Your Adventure

Whether drawn to the classic appeal of the Normal Route (best experienced with our Climb Aconcagua in 12 Days expedition or Climb Aconcagua in 12 Days with Oxygen), the comprehensive challenge of the Polish Glacier Route, or the tranquility of the Ameghino Valley, Aventuras Patagonicas is here to guide you. Ready to take your first step? Get in touch!

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