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Aventuras Patagonicas Aconcagua Update

Aconcagua season 2021 -2022

Argentina is opening it’s borders to foreigners, starting October 1st, 2021

Aconcagua climbing season will take place this year only from January 1st, 2021 to Feb 15th, 2021.

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It will be a short and reduced season. We are looking forward to a great season Be one of the lucky ones to climb Aconcagua this season. We have slots available early-January, mid-January and late-January for you.

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ACONCAGUA Update – Fall 2020

We hope you are all healthy and strong!

ACONCAGUA will have to wait this season; after 36 years of continuous guiding on ACONCAGUA, with an impeccable safety record, this season we will take a gap year from guiding expeditions on our beloved Mount ACONCAGUA, due to the pandemic.

Thanks to our fantastic clients who were ALL willing to roll-over to our 2021-2022 season, NEXT season, we express our sincere gratitude! With this positive attitude, the shared goal and commitment to climbing ACONCAGUA, and the universal understanding that we are experiencing this internationally, reflect the strong qualities essential to success on a climbing expedition to ACONCAGUA

We still have spaces available on our future 2021-2022 season Aconcagua Expeditions, and invite you and your mountain travel partners to sign up. We have dates available for you on our Dec 2021, Jan 2022, and Feb 2022 Aconcagua Expeditions.

*We will be keeping our 2019-2020 season prices with all discounts for early sign ups.

We look forward to climbing Aconcagua with you next season! The mountain will be there waiting for you!

We look forward to planning ahead to our next Aconcagua season. If we had to look for the “silver lining” in this situation, it’s that you will have plenty of time to train and prepare for your Aconcagua expedition and will be in great shape for climbing Aconcagua by the 2021-2022 Aconcagua season!

Good News: Chile re-opened its borders as of Nov 23rd, 2020. Argentina opened its borders as of Nov 28th, altho to bordering countries only.

Aconcagua Park is open, but for day use and trekking only. Expeditions and ascents will most likely NOT be permitted this season.

Summer begins on Dec 21st in the Southern Hemisphere. We are optimistic. Successful vaccine developments are in progress, and thanks to our loyal following of mountain enthusiasts there is a great deal of momentum for our 2021-2022 Aconcagua season!

This time next year we look forward to guiding you and your mountain travel partners on Aconcagua!

Contact us if you have any questions about future Aconcagua expeditions.

We are here to help you achieve your goal of climbing Aconcagua and look forward to guiding you on Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere!

Be well, stay strong!
Happy Holidays!

Most of our clients rolled over for next season so spots will be limited for next season, if seriously interested we encourage you to sign up soon.

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