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Dave Markewell

Overall, I was very impressed with the Guanacos Valley Route and much preferred it from the normal route after our descent on the latter. Additionally, I was impressed with the quality and experience of the guides and was very happy that the weather turned in our favor so that I was able to summit. Finally, […]

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Nicky Messner

Rodrigo – I had the time of my life on Aconcagua. The trip was absolutely incredible, two weeks that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Whilst I enjoyed Orion and Zoe, and think they are highly competent, I have to say that Mike made the trip. Even though he is young, he

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Mauricio Jaramillo

I think Rodrigo and Bonnie have done a great job of putting together a very professional and highly competent team and organization. And though I have heard and am sure that Rodrigo himself as well as other AP staff are great guides as well, I was lucky enough to go with lead guide Jim Williams,

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Howard Jones

I have climbed with a number of companies in the past and found my experience with Aventuras Patagonicas to be the best. Honestly, the services received from others has been good, but Patagonicas had (1) great, highly skilled, personable, and knowledgeable guides, (2) great food through advanced base camp, (3) a super ability to read

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Brian Ward

I personally recommend using Aventuras Patagonicas for your Aconcagua expedition for the following reasons: They have great logistics on the mountain, and logistics is key to success. Being ill prepared on this mountain not only decreases your chances, but as history keeps repeating, it can be fatal. It is not worth using a cheaper company

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Hank Skade

They are the best on Aconcagua. I have known Rodrigo Mujica for almost 8 years now, and I have climbed both Aconcagua and the Vinson Massif with Adventuras Patagonicas. The guides are excellent, and the whole organization is well organized, especially on Aconcagua which is basically their “home court”. Have fun. Hank Skade, Tiburon CA

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Hubertus Guenther

In my book you could not find a more qualified company. I am certain, there are other good ones, but no other company knows Aconcagua as well. They own that mountain! The people are first-class and I am sure you will have a wonderful experience, but most of all a safe one. Hubertus Guenther, Spokane,

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