South Pole Expedition

Now for only $65,000

This unique Expedition has the goal of arriving to the south pole unsupported, which means without any help or food caches from its beginning to its completion, in other words a clean self sufficient trip without external support an in the purest style of Polar Exploration.

We will start from Patriot Hills at parralel 80 South, from there we have 1000 Kilometers (600 miles) of arduous crossing to our final destination: The South Pole, by definition one of the most remote places on earth and a synonimous of remoteness, adventure and purity.

We will travel carrying everything on our specially designed Sledges and we will use skis for transportation. We have 60 days to accomplish our goal and weather depending this should be enough time to successfully arrive to the South Pole, unsupported.

It was not until 1985, when Adventure Network International started providing full logistical support for expeditions to the Antarctic interior, that South Pole crossings were considered more feasible.

AVENTURAS PATAGONICAS South Pole Crossing Expeditions will be supported by ANI aircrafts. We at AVENTURAS PATAGONICAS are pioneers at this kind of trips. Besides the high investment and time involved in committing to this trip, is the challenge of traversing this very remote continent, one of the coldest climates on earth, with extremes temperatures. Trip members must have experience with winter mountaineering and be in excellent physical condition.

From Punta Arenas a return home is easily accomplished after a simple connection via Santiago. Adventure Network will take care of our airline connection and necessarily changes as they have always done in the past since it is impossible to predict the exact return date from the South Pole.


  • Day 01Group meets in Punta Arenas (Chile). We will pick you up at the airport. Briefing at the hotel where we will check your equipment.

  • Day 02Meeting, weight gear and load Aircraft.

  • Day 03Flight to Patriot Hills by C-130. We will fly with Adventure Network International, the only private organization in the world providing air support to the Antarctic interior.

  • Day 04Orientation Day at Patriot Hills, organize gear and prepareeverything for the journey.

  • Day 05Start the Crossing with full sledges and food for 55 days

  • Day 06-55This time will be spent accomplishing the traverse. We will try to move every single day, except for days of very poor weather, extreme winds and ocassional rest days. We will average 12-15 miles a day depending on winds and conditions. If we stay on schedule it is possible that we will spend Christmas at the South Pole.

  • 55-60 Approx.Possible South Pole pick up weather permiting and return to Patriot Hills. Fly back to Punta Arenas as soon as possible depending again on weather.

Note: This itinerary is intended to be a guideline only. Weather days, rest days and some flexibility on the itinerary are always a possibility while on a climbing expedition.

Dates of Trips

Trips available in November, December and January. Contact us for more details.




Cost for reserving:


Cost Includes

  • Flight from Punta Arenas to Patriot Hills
  • South Pole pick up by plane
  • return flight to Punta Arenas
  • Professional Mountain Guides
  • all community gear (such as tents, stoves, ropes, shovels, medical kit, etc.)
  • all expedition food special polar sledges and harness.

You are responsible for

  • Flight to Punta Arenas
  • meals in town
  • hotels
  • personal equipment (sledges provided by AVENTURAS PATAGONICAS)
  • passport
  • personal items and services (laundry, drinks, tips, etc.)
  • expenses incurred in the case of a rescue.