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We are back!!

A.P. 1 (Jan. 4 – 15, 2022)

We are very excited and proud to announce that our first trip departed for the mountain today, after the mountain being closed for almost 2 seasons!

Great group! Absolutely great clients and our best guides.

First of all we want to CONGRATULATE all our clients for making this trip possible, for their courage, support and strong desire to climb the mountain, pioneering a new era on Aconcagua and being among the first ones to climb the mountain after 23 months without any traffic.

Here are some pics of the group having dinner last night and departing this morning from the Hyatt with our classic picture at the Mendoza Park Hyatt’s main entrance.

This expedition will only last 12 days, some got pre-acclimatized in Ecuador (Chimborazo), Chile (El Plomo) and some came here already pre-acclimatized, using our High Altitude Training System with the Hypoxico tent.

The group will be ascending the Normal Route, hiking towards Confluencia Camp today, along the Horcones Valley. After spending the night there, they will head to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp tomorrow.

The group is led by Rolo Abaca, Sebastián Ruiz and César Quiroz, among the three of them, they have more than 100 expeditions to Aconcagua alone… They will keep us updated, reporting by sat phone daily.

Keep checking our website for more news about them! We will try to post every other day news from them!

The Aventuras Patagonicas Team


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