A P 8 feb 4 23 2017

Another expedition to the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere

AP 8 – Feb 4-23

Yesterday (Feb 5th) our 8th expedition of this season departed from Mendoza to Penitentes to start our acclimatization process at 2,700 meters.

Today they will start hiking the Vacas and Ameghino Valleys to Base Camp. Mules will carry their gear. Here they begin the route, which was established in 1934 by a Polish Expedition. After three days of spectacular, colorful, high desert scenery they will reach our Base Camp, at 13,800’. The hike to Base Camp is approximately 40 kilometers and gives them the perfect chance to begin their acclimatization.

Lead Guide Wesley Bunch and Guides Pablo Borja and Bernardo Oliver, will be calling us every 3 days or so for weather updates and team news, so we will keep you posted.