Jan 11 2016

sixth team met at the Park Hyatt hotel

Yesterday the sixth team met at the Park Hyatt hotel, we had the usual group meeting and then went to dinner where they could taste our wine and meat.

Now they are going to Los Penitentes (2700m) , the last bed and hot shower in two weeks for them. They will begin their 3-day hike in to base camp (at 4200m, or 13800 ft approx) tomorrow.

The team is lead by the Mendocinian guide Rolo Abaca, who has just come back from the summit whit AP4, and assisted by Drew Dochstader.

They are a nice team and they are going to have great time on the mountain. We attach a photo taken at the entrance of the Hyatt before they leave.

We will be updating information as the Guide call me from their sat phone.

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