Ojos del Salado

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Ojos del Salado, Chilean Altiplano

Ojos del Salado, at 22,572′, is the second highest peak in the world outside of Asia, and the world’s highest volcano. It is a giant among giants, located in the Chilean Altiplano, comparable only with Tibet.

Before the climb we have several days to acclimatize. We will take day hikes and day climbs in the fantastic Atacama Desert, visit saltwater lakes frequented by flamingos, and enjoy the natural hot springs at Laguna Verde, (14,765′), a turquoise lake with a view of snow-capped volcanoes and red desert hills. 4-wheel drive vehicles will take us up to 17,000′, where we begin our Ojos climb. From this point, we climb to Refugio Tejos, a hut at 19,350′, possibly the highest mountain hut in the world!

Gentle scree slopes and occasional snow patches lead us to the summit from which we can admire the huge extinct crater. We will also have a chance to climb an 18,000’ volcano before our Ojos climb. Participants must be in good physical condition and have previous mountaineering experience. Although Ojos is not a technical climb, altitude and weather conditions are a major challenge.

Dates of Trips

Nov 19 – Dec 5, 2022
Nov 26 – Dec 11, 2022
Dec 3 – 18, 2022
Dec 10 – 25, 2022
Dec 19 – Jan 2, 2023
Dec 27 –  Jan 11, 2023
Jan 7 – 22, 2023
Jan 14 – 29, 2023
Jan 21 -Feb 5, 2023
Jan 28 – Feb 12, 2023
Feb 4 – 19, 2023




Cost for reserving:

  • Day 01

    Group meets in Copiapo, Chile. Equipment check and afternoon briefing at the hotel. For dinner we will have a chance to taste fine Chilean cuisine and wine.

  • Day 02

    Drive up Copiapo Valley. Camp at Valle Chico Meadows, at 10,000’. This is a great place to start our acclimatization process. We set up camp and our Base Camp tent to enjoy a great first dinner of the expedition

  • Day 03

    Morning hike to a marvelous site where we can admire ancient marine fossils, followed by lunch. Then we get into our 4x4 and continue our drive to one of Northern Chile’s most picturesque wonders: the salares or high altitude saltwater lakes. We will camp beside the renowned Salar de Maricunga, at Laguna Santa Rosa, 12,540’ of elevation! This is
    3 comfortable camping with beautiful vistas of the lake, by indigenous archeological ruins.

  • Day 04

    A four hour morning hike and climb of Siete Hermanas Peak (Seven Sisters), 16,170’, located in the Domeyko Range. This is the first of many climbs we will do on this trip, before tackling Ojos del Salado. We will camp again at charming Laguna Santa Rosa

  • Day 05

    Drive up to Laguna Verde, at 14,190’, a turquoise jewel in the middle of this scenic high altitude desert. We travel on a high altitude plateau, surrounded by 6,000 meter (20,000’) peaks. Here we will spend a few nights getting acclimatized, enjoying good meals, hot springs, and day climbs that make this trip unique and unforgettable

  • Day 06

    Early start. We head towards Mulas Muertas Peak,18,810’. From the summit of this peak, the views are breathtaking. We can see Ojos del Salado in full splendor, and many other 6,000 meter peaks. These climbs are an essential preparation for our final goal of the summit of Ojos del Salado.

  • Day 07

    Short trek in the area. We hike around Laguna Verde, then follow Pena Blanca Valley, a river valley where we may encounter guanaco herds and see archeological sites. Bring your camera on this hike, the color contrasts are surreal

  • Day 08

    Drive up to Atacama Camp, at 17,160’. This is more like a high altitude safari/rally than a regular drive. Arriving by 4x4, we will set up a comfortable Base Camp.

  • Day 09

    Acclimatization hike and carry to High Camp, Refugio Tejos, at 19,140’. This is a small hut, which we may use, depending on availability. This is possibly the highest mountain hut in the world!

  • Day 10

    Move to Refugio Tejos, where we spend the night.

  • Day 11 - 13

    Summit! Weather permitting. We leave several days for our summit day, in case of poor weather, or if a rest day is needed.

  • Day 14

    Drive all the way down to the Pacific Ocean, to Pan de Azucar National Park. This is a perfect contrast after living at high altitude in the Atacama Desert. Set up camp and enjoy fresh seafood and wine.

  • Day 15

    Breakfast at the beach. Today we visit the park. We will travel by boat to Pan de Azucar Island, where we will have the opportunity to observe dolphins, Humbolt penguins, seals, and a variety of marine wildlife inhabiting this exotic place. After lunch, we drive back to Copiapo where we will spend the night and have our Celebration Dinner together

  • Next Day

    Trip ends. Fly back home or continue traveling in South America.

Cost Includes

  • Professional Mountain Guides
  • 2 nights hotel accommodation in Copiapo
  • All land transportation (such as vans and 4×4)
  • All expedition food
  • All community gear (such as tents, stoves cooking gear, medical kit, etc)
  • Climbing permit included.

You are responsible for

  • All flights
  • Meals in Copiapo
  • Personal equipment
  • Passport
  • Personal items and services (laundry, drinks, tips, etc.)
  • Expenses incurred in the case of a rescue.

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