Aventuras Patagonicas on AP9 jan 7

Aventuras Patagonicas on AP9 jan 7

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AP9 jan 7

Mission Top of (3/4 of) the World: Completed!

Jan 21 2012

Our team successfully completed all the goals of their mission: all of them summited Aconcagua and all of them completed the Aconcagua traverse. They stood at the very top of this side of the world yesterday, and came down safely to base camp Plaza de Mulas today.The summit of Mt Aconcagua, second in altitude of the Seven Summits and the highest place you can find outside the Himalayas, it´s an awesome strip of rock and snow at 22,834 ft. T...
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Camp I is ours - Episode 3

Jan 19 2012

The team moved their headquarters to Camp I, at 16,000 ft. Their superpowers remain strong in the altitude. This is all I can reveal today. More news when information is declassified. No pictures this time, so I am posting one from a previous mission. Over.Agent Andean CondorMendoza  
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Mission BC completed

Jan 16 2012

After liberating Plaza Argentina from an alien zombie invasion, our heros took a well deserved day off, and performed their famous Haka-style ritual (picture). Unfortunately I am not allowed to reveal how was this photo sent to our Mendoza base (they have strict security policies). The whole team is doing great, in this chapter they ate a monster asado (BBQ) and protected our base camp stuff, Super Chemelo and beautiful Celina. Captain Martin Mol...
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Super heros take Aconcagua

Jan 8 2012

Flexi-Girl and Wrestling Balaclava are some of the characters in this chapter (see picture!). They set off on their mission, to climb and traverse the highest mountain this side of the World, today. It is going to be a great trip, judging by the chemistry in the group. The 6 climbers are: Peter Krzanowsky Brian Schultz, Paul Greene, Paul Greene, Colin Levey, Lee-Anne Slater and Angel Taboada. Martín Molina and Javier Carvallo Contreras (UI...
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