Aventuras Patagonicas on AP14 Feb 4

Aventuras Patagonicas on AP14 Feb 4

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AP14 Feb 4

Back in Mendoza

Feb 22 2012

I just wanted to let you know that the team is back in Mendoza. we are going to have the celebration dinner in about one hour. Everything is ok. Thank you for your patience and good wishes to all! Regards
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Feb 20 2012

The team summited yesterday! They had a beautiful day and came back early to the tents to rest and celebrate. I do not have the names of the climbers who made it, but Mike said the group is ok and happy. They are completing the Mt. Aconcagua traverse now, and will sleep at Plaza de Mulas (Normal route Base Camp) tonight. They should be back in Mendoza by Wednesday. Congrtulations to them. This makes our 14th summit in 14 trips this season! We wil...
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Six thousanders

Feb 16 2012

The group reached the 6,000 m zone (19,685 ft)! They did a carry of gear and food to High Camp yesterday. They are back at Camp II now, also called the Chopper Camp. They will move to High Camp, an eagle´s nest at 6.000m, tomorrow. The view from there is unique, and the light of the sunsets can stick to your brain cortex for ages. The team will go for the summit on Sunday, if all goes as planned. I just got a sat phone call from Mike Bradle...
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Pictures from the group

Feb 11 2012

Lead guide Mike Bradley found some time in his busy days to make this shots, and he managed to email us the pictures from base camp. amazing! We want to share these happy faces with the team´s loved ones, back at home. The photographs are at the trailhead; during the hike-in, with the Polish Glacier as background; and in some place in the trail, before Plaza Argentina. As of news, they are still at BC, they did a carry yesterday to CI, and...
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Resting at base camp

Feb 10 2012

The whole group completed the first stage of the climb, the approach to the mountain. THey are resting at Plaza Argentina, the Relinchos Valley base camp, at 14,000 ft (see picture, from a previous trip). They will begin the "carrying - resting - moving up" game soon. This means that the group carries gear and food to a higher camp, then comes back to rest one day at lower altitude, then moves to the camp of the carry, and so on. I will be inform...
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Approaching Mt Aconcagua

Feb 6 2012

A new team of eight climbers and three guides entered Mt Aconcagua State Park today. We had a nice group meeting on Saturday here in Mendoza, then a big welcoming dinner, and they rode to Los Penitentes yesterday. This small location in the middle of the Central Andes, a ski resort in winter, is used a starting point by many Aconcagua expeditions. It´s a good place to begin the acclimatization, to organize all the gear that will go to the m...
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